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Uracan Aims To Demystify The Myths Surrounding Uranium

Aug 17, 2010

Quebec City, August 17, 2010 - Uracan will present tomorrow during the parliamentary committee activities on Bill 79 to amend the Mining Act, a brief in which it provides thorough arguments to demystify the myths surrounding uranium.

"We are confident that we can convince the majority of the population that uranium is safe, reliable, and useful. Unfortunately, the uranium industry is too often the target of a campaign of disinformation and denigration, which requires taking the time to set the record straight. Not only is the mining of uranium an attractive option in terms of energy, the environment and the economy, it is also a necessity. Nuclear technology contributes to the improvement and diversification of many sectors that directly affect the everyday lives and well-being of individuals," Uracan's Quebec spokesperson Yvan Loubier said in a press conference.

Uracan welcomes the entirety of the Bill 79 project amending the Mining Act, and proposes changes in its brief to improve it, in order to adapt it to the realities of the uranium industry.


Uracan's aim is to contribute to sustainable development in Quebec, in collaboration with the people of Quebec and its government. In addition, the Uracan project in Quebec could lead to the creation of 400 to 500 permanent jobs for seven or eight generations.

"Our project in Minganie has brought hope to an entire region and future generations. In this context, our expertise and know-how, as well as our principles of social acceptability allow us to have confidence in the success of our project. We believe in the importance of creating a good dialogue with local communities in order to develop respectful relationships based on trust, professionalism, honesty and integrity," said Mr. Loubier. Uracan will also hold open information sessions for the public next fall.

Uracan's current activities include evaluating the potential for uranium and other minerals in various sectors of Minganie, through exploration and drilling. About 30 people, mostly from local communities, are already employed on different exploration sites.


Uracan is a junior uranium exploration company active in the North Shore region of Quebec. The main economic activity of the company is the acquisition, exploration and mining of mineral properties. Located in Vancouver, Uracan is led by a team composed of internationally renowned and highly qualified specialists.

Uracan Resources Ltd., TSX-V: URC, is a publicly traded uranium exploration company that is in the business of exploring and developing bulk tonnage, near-surface uranium deposits in Canada. Uracan is led by a highly experienced and successful management team, with extensive mining industry expertise. Uracan has adopted the highest standards of the industry and distinguishes itself by its success, experience and its support and respect towards localities.

Stéphane Dion
NATIONAL Public Relations
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