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Costebelle Claim Group

A4 Zone

During the exploration programs in 2008 and 2009, the A4 zone at Costebelle was discovered, with channel sample widths and grades of up to 57 metres of 210 ppm U3O8. Diamond drilling was targeted on these channel sample results and coincident airborne radiometric anomaly along with detailed geologic mapping results.

During 2010 and winter 2011, a total of 7,270.25 meters of drilling was completed in 46 drill holes on the Costebelle A4 Zone. Drill highlights include: 25.95 meters of 480 ppm (0.048% or 0.96 lbs/t) U3O8 in CA4-10-7, 59.65 meters of 265ppm (0.026% or 0.52lbs/t) U3O8 in CA4-10-22, 33.9 meters of 230 ppm (0.023% or 0.46 lbs/t) U3O8 in CA4-10-11, 41 meters of 197 ppm (0.020% or 0.39 lbs/t) in CA4-10-10, 10.5 meters of 483 ppm (0.048% or 0.96 lbs/t) U3O8 and 43.5 meters of 193ppm (0.019% or 0.38 lbs/t) U3O8 in CA4-11-42, and 15 meters of 337 ppm (0.034% or 0.68 lbs/t) U3O8 in CA4-11-46.

Costebelle A4 Zone Spectro Map (PDF, 174 kb)

Costebelle A4 Zone Geology Map (PDF, 174 kb)

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